Technical symposia

List of the ICCC 2016 symposia 


 A- Functional Materials

S1- Molecular Magnetism (O. Cador)

S2- Spin Cross-Over and Photo-Induced Phenomena (S. Triki)
S2 is sponsored by the New Journal of Chemistry, RSC

S3- Chirality/Conductivity (M. Fourmigué, J. Crassous)

S4- Clusters, MOFs and POMs (S. Cordier, N. Audebrand)

S5- Coordination compounds, syntheses, characterizations and properties (J.-L. Fillaut)
S5 is sponsored by The European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, Wiley

S6- Multifunctional Materials (F. Pointillart, K. Bernot)


B- Inorganic and Bio-Inorganic chemistry

S7- Activation of Small Molecules (P. Schollhammer, N. Le Poul)

S8- Energy Conversion and Water Splitting (F. Gloaguen)

S9- Supramolecular Chemistry and Self-Assembly (C. Lescop)

S10- Diagnostic, Imaging and Therapy ( R. Tripier)

S11- Metals in Biology (O. Reinaud, S. Le Gac)


C- Catalysis, Environnement, Reactivity

S12- Organometallic Catalysis (C. Darcel)

S13- Green Chemistry (C. Bruneau)

S14- Organometallics of Early and Oxophilic Elements: Structure, reactivity (J.-F. Carpentier)


D- Energy and Sustainable Materials

S15- Metal Complexes for Optics: from fundamental to applications (M. Hissler, H. Le Bozec)

S16- Molecular Electronics (S. Rigaut)

S17- Nanosciences (F. Paul, A. Roucoux)


E- Computations and Theory

S18- Theoretical Coordination Chemistry (J.-F. Halet, B. Le Guennic)

Symposium sponsored by Gaussian


F- Sponsored Symposium

S19- Journal of Organometallic Chemistry Symposium: "Frontiers in Organometallic Chemistry" (R. Adams, C. Lapinte)

S20- COST Action SIPs (CM1302): "Smart Inorganic Polymers" (E. Hey-Hawkins, M. Hissler)

S21- COST EcostBio (CM1305)  "Explicit Control Over Spin-states in Technology and Biochemistry" (M. Gennari, C. Duboc)

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