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S-19 Journal of Organometallic Chemistry Symposium








"Frontiers in Organometallic Chemistry"

Confirmed Speakers

Richard Adams, Columbia, USA

Guy Bertrand, San Diego, USA

Didier Bourissou, Toulouse, France

Matthias Driess, Berlin, Germany

Jean-François Halet, Rennes, France

Stephen Hashmi, Heidelberg, Germany

Fritz Kühn, Munich, Germany

Thomas Strassner, Dresden, Germany

Werner Thiel, Kaiserslauten, Germany

Raymond W. Y. Wong, Hong-Kong, China


Frontiers in Organometallic Chemistry Special Issue

The Journal of Organometallic Chemistry is organizing a Special Issue that will be focused on new discoveries in compounds containing metal-carbon bonds. Manuscripts must be submitted electronically at http://ees.elsevier.com/jorganchem/default.asp.  Choose “SI: FOMC2016Adams” when submitting manuscripts. The deadline for manuscript submissions to this special issue is August 31, 2016.





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